Life with Hart: Little pieces of heart


For me, photography is a passion and a creative pathway that allows me to continually explore the “living of life” filled with little touches of heart, imaginative visions and wondrous adventure. 

I have an insatiable curiosity to see the world, all of it. Our world is a kaleidoscope of many things from ordinary to extraordinary, small to grand which can be found in our own backyard or in distance lands. I take images that quietly mesmerize me and as they unfold they spark an emotion or tell a story which I hope also speaks to you.      

In my travels, I have found that a handshake, a smile and a little sincere effort will open many doors into worlds that are so different from ours and yet quite similar. We all desire to be healthy, happy and embrace the love of family and friends. It is undeniably heart-warming to discover, wherever I go, that the differences in language, religion or culture are not barriers, but that simple kindness is a universal appreciation. These experiences remind me to always spread goodwill, respect Mother Nature and be part of a change that positively affects the world. 

May my images inspire you in some way and encourage you to be the catalyst to making your own dreams come true.

Enjoy living life and let laughter be the infectious disease that touches all of us!

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